• What if we can’t meet with our tutor at the same time for every session?

While a schedule is best for both student and tutor, Tutor Doctor understands that students my have other extracurricular activities or one-off appointments from time to time. We provide maximum scheduling flexibility to accommodate a family’s needs. We just ask for 24 hours notice for any changes.

  • What if I don’t think the tutor is the right fit for my student?

That’s alright. We get the match right most of the time, but in the event that you think you may want to consider changing your tutor, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will listen to your concerns and rematch with another great Tutor Doctor tutor as fast as possible.

  • My student now needs help in another subject area and our tutor is not equipped to handle that. What do I do?

This situation is not unusual, especially for students in 8th grade and above. Requirements change and Tutor Doctor is prepared to help you through this process. We have qualified tutors who specialize in different subject areas and can therefore assign multiple tutors to your student so that they continue to make progress in all subjects simultaneously. No need to purchase a new enrollment for a different subject.

  • How do you pick your tutors?

All Tutor Doctor tutors go through a screening process. We meet them all in person, check their references and discuss their interests – academic and otherwise – so we get to know them. In addition, Tutor Doctor tutors must submit to a Level 2 background check, similar to the requirements to teach in the school district. By the time we match with a family, you can be confident that we’ve done our homework!

How do you measure progress?

Tutor Doctor looks at a few different success measures for your student. Are they engaging readily in activities presented by our tutors? Are they showing improvement on pop quizzes and tests either in school or in tutoring sessions? Are their grades increasing over time? Are they able to complete work independently and display more confidence with the material/s?

We are on it! As part of your student’s support system, which also includes their teacher, you the parent, the student themselves, our goal – as crazy as it may sound – if for our students to not need us anymore!

  • Who and how do I pay?

You pay Tutor Doctor for your professional tutoring services and academic coaching. We guarantee our service and our tutors. We offer flexible payment plans to meet individual circumstances. Our office accepts checks, cash, credit cards and even online payments as valid forms of payment. Our programs are not ‘pay-as-you-go’ because we do provide that flexibility to increase sessions from time to time and view your hours similar to a savings plan that you can dig into as needed.

  • What is the difference between English and Language Arts?

Language Arts is the new term used to study English in all its dimensions, it typically refers to all school and college courses where students who already speak English advance in their knowledge, including phonics, writing, reading, reading comprehension, grammar, handwriting, punctuation, vocabulary, literature and spelling.

English is often used to refer to learning the English Language for speakers of other languages, such courses are often referred as ESL or ESOL, short for English as a Second Language or English for Speakers of Other Languages. ESL and ESOL can be used interchangeably.