Susan Barton Reading

Tutor Doctor is a certified provider of The Barton Reading & Spelling System, a great program for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing, including students with dyslexia or a learning disability.

The Susan Barton program is a great tutoring process that uses a multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured and sequential intense intervention program Orton-Gillingham-based. It is research and evidence based.

Our tutors are trained and certified Barton instructors. They understand the system, and adapt their teaching to the student’s specific level and learning style. 

Depending on the student’s current abilities, the program has 10 levels, each level may take a few months to master, and the tutor will go at the pace of the student to ensure they have all the knowledge before moving on to the next level. We will introduce tiles and reading games to ensure  the student is engaged and learning.

There are ten levels in the Barton System

1 – Phonemic Awareness

2 – Consonants & Short Vowels

3 – Closed Syllables and Units

4 – Syllable Division & Vowel Teams

5 – Prefixes and Suffixes

6 – Six Reasons for Silent-E

7 – Vowel-R Syllables

8 – Advanced Vowel Teams

9 – Influences of Foreign Languages

10 – Greek Words & Latin Roots

If your student is a recipient of the Gardiner Scholarship or work with Step up for Students, we are a registered provider. 


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